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K-ARTS 1st Annual Metaverse Showcase [ Take off to Art-Space! ]

  • 2023.11.29


Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts) held its inaugural Metaverse Art Showcase, titled <K-ARTS 1st Annual Metaverse Showcase>, simultaneously in both online and offline formats from February 26 to March 31.


This exhibition aims to showcase the outstanding creative abilities of K-Arts artists on a broader stage, utilizing new platforms and technologies. It holds great significance as a stage that can expand the distribution and exchange possibilities for K-Arts artists. The showcase includes various elements such as real-time avatar dance performances in the metaverse, screenings of short films in the metaverse, and the reproduction of graduation architectural works in the infinite metaverse space. Moreover, it presents art pieces in various forms on popular metaverse platforms such as Spatial, VRChat, and Ifland, offering audiences fresh experiences beyond the constraints of their environment and spacetime.


The theme of the exhibition, "Take-off to Art-Space!" signifies support for emerging K-Arts artists who are presenting their work in the metaverse world for the first time. Visitors can explore the expansive virtual exhibition space, view artworks in various scales and forms, and even experience independent spaces that reflect each artist's personality through dedicated portals. Additionally, the exhibition introduces a new program that connects online and offline experiences by providing visitors with VR device experiences in a separate offline exhibition space located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, aiming to enhance accessibility to metaverse exhibitions.


Lee Sngmoo, Director of AT Lab responsible for planning the exhibition, stated, "This showcase is a meaningful event that connects K-Arts' exceptional emerging talents, who will lead the future of art and content, with the next-generation cultural and art platform, the metaverse." He further revealed plans to continue this event on their own metaverse platform currently under development, in collaboration with institutions like Pohang University of Science and Technology(POSTECH) in the coming year.