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Art&Technology LAB


  • 2023

    • Hosting of 2023 Immersive Day

      Topic: The Creativity of the Era of Mechanical Art

    • Collaboration in Hosting the Exhibition, Organized by the Korea Foundation

    • Participation in ACT Festival 2023

    • Participation in Ars Electronica Festival 2023

      Breaking the Ice, Frameless, PassHass, ASEA2023, The Places That Will Soon Disappear A Total of 5 Works

    • (Inc.) VA Corporation Signs a Business Agreement (MOU) with Virtual

    • Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of the Arts and School of Engineering Jointly Advance Advanced Convergence Projects and Sign Exchange Agreement

    • Running the Wednesday Cinema

    • Enhancement Work for the VR Art Film 'Ssitgim'

    • 2023 Industry Matching Day Held

      Introduction of 28 Long-term Projects by Students

    • OTT & Foundation Course

      School of Film, TV & Multimedia Department of Filmmakingt's Industry-Academia Collaboration Project Course in association

    • K-ARTS X KAIST Freshman Video Camp

  • 2022

    • 2022 Metaverse Art Showcase and Graduation Exhibition

      Conducting the Art Showcase and Graduation Exhibition

    • 'Advanced Convergent Media Industry: Present and Future' Foundation Lecture

      Conducting the Lecture Session

    • 'Master Class Lecture from OTT Creators' Special Lecture

      Conducting the Lecture Session

    • 'Scarecrow VRC'

      Renewal and Demonstration of an Offline Audience Participatory Performance

    • Performance of 'Scarecrow AP'

      Invited by the Korea Foundation, Showcase of Immersive Digital Content at the 5th Public Diplomacy Week, and Invitation to SIGGRAPH Asia 2022

    • Collaboration on the 360 VR Movie 'Red Eyes' with LG U+

      Entry into the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece

    • Interactive Drama 'Anti-climax' Showcase

      Co-production by AT Lab and TikTok

    • 'White Day'

      Vertical Cinema 'White Day' Showcase

    • Participation in the 2022 Ars Electronica Festival

      Demonstration of in the Metaverse Performance

    • Support for the Enhancement of the 2022 School of Dance Ballet Performance

      Enhancement of VR Dance Film

    • Production of 'Jindo Ssitgimgut' VR Art Film

      School of Korean Traditional Arts Vocal Performance

    • Conducting the National Research Foundation of Korea STEAM Research Project

      Development and Demonstration of Digital Therapeutic Content for Anxiety Symptom Management through Psychiatric-Art Convergence Research

    • Production of 'Full Metal Brain'

      Content One-Campus Construction and Operation Project

    • 'SAMUL'

      Official Invitation to the 2022 Raindance Film Festival

    • '2022 Industry Matching Day' Event Held

      Academic-Industrial Collaboration Platform Event for Job Creation

    • K-ARTS X KAIST Freshman Video Camp

      Conducting the K-ARTS X KAIST Freshman Video Camp

    • 2022 Metaverse Entrance Ceremony

      Conducting the Entrance Ceremony

  • 2021

    • Coming soon