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2023 K-ARTS x KAIST Freshman Video Camp Completed

  • 2023.11.28


 2023 K-ARTS x KAIST Freshman Video Camp Completed

- Freshman Video Camp held for the 22nd year since the exchange agreement was signed in January last year

- 34 freshmen from the 23rd class participated before entering KAIST to experience the exchange of art and technology.

The Korea National University of Arts and Sciences (President Daejin Kim) successfully concluded its 2023 Freshman Video Camp with KAIST (President Kwanghyung Lee). 


This is the second program after signing an exchange agreement with KAIST in January last year, The video camp, which was designed to expand the interaction of students from both schools and collaboration on the convergence of art and technology, was held for eight days from the 13th of this month at the School of Film, TV & Multimedia of Korea National University of Arts.


The 34 freshmen from the class of 2023, selected from each school, were divided into nine teams, six video teams and three game teams, and attended theoretical lectures on filming, editing, sound, computer graphics, storytelling, directing, and planning, as well as technical lectures on cameras, editing equipment, sound, and gaming tools.


Based on a total of 49 hours of lectures, the students produced short films and simple games to enhance their understanding and creativity of convergence arts and high-tech contents, and to experience co-creation between members of the science and art fields before entering the university.


In a post-event survey, 96% of participants (77.4% strongly agree, 19.4% agree) rated the theoretical and technical knowledge provided by the camp as very positive, and 96% (87.1% strongly agree, 9.7% agree) said they would recommend the video camp to others.


"I thought my world of seeing, hearing, and feeling was narrowed by studying the same things with my friends in the same dormitory from middle school to science school," said Changwoo Noh, a student at KAIST's freshman course. “I came to this camp and gained a lot of memories and experiences by interacting with K-Arts students whom I thought I would never meet in my life.”


In addition, Minchul Jung, a student at the Korea National University of Arts, said, “I think that when you start something, there is nothing left until the end, but I am grateful to the team members and teachers who guided me in a positive direction so that I could push forward to the end, and I got a meaningful process and result through this camp.”


"I'm glad that the second video camp this year, following last year's, ended successfully with great satisfaction from most of the students who participated," said Byungha Shin, Dean of Student Life at KAIST. "I hope that the exchange between the two schools will continue not only in the video camp but also in other activities, and that more efforts will be made to combine KAIST's strengths in science and technology and K-Arts strengths in the arts.“


Sngmoo Lee, Director of ART & TECHNOLOGY LAB at K-Arts, who oversaw the video camp, said, "This year, the enthusiasm of students, professors, and staff, as well as the quality of operations and results, have all improved. We will continue to strive to become a representative program for the convergence of art and science based on the know-how of the two previous editions.“


Based on the success of this year's video camp, the two schools will make improvements and organize a video camp for incoming students every year.