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VR Cinema based on Volumetric Capture [ Rain Fruits ]

  • 2023.11.29



The Art and Technology Lab (AT Lab) at the Korea National University of Arts is a creation and production lab aimed at the convergence of science and technology, culture and art, industry and education, and has been collaborating with leading domestic and international companies, universities, and researchers to create and conduct research in the fields of realistic media, advanced medical and artificial intelligence content.


The immersive media content <Rain Fruits> created by AT Lab, is an advanced interdisciplinary content that poetically portrays the anger, sadness, and alienation experienced by outsiders in Korean capitalist society, utilizing volumetric capture technology. Along with <Scarecrow>, it was completed through the support of the Korea Creative Content Agency's "Content One Campus Construction and Operation" project and collaboration with the mid-sized content company BirdHand.


Starting from the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival in New York, Rain Fruits received invitations and awards from 11 film festivals, including the 2020 Hamburg Film Festival in Germany, the Cannes Film Festival in France, and the Kaohsiung Film Festival in Taiwan. In addition, it achieved a significant milestone by securing global distribution contracts with Digital Domain's Iconic Engine and distribution agreements with VEER in China.


It's not often that a team's various works are invited to major international film festivals in a short period of four months, and this is the result of a combination of the creative infrastructure of Korea National University of Arts, the technological prowess of SMEs, and a novel support program called Content One Campus by the Korea Creative Content Agency. AT Lab will continue to accelerate the development of cutting-edge content and the cultivation of leading human resources related to volumetric and content metaverse construction.